Our Mission is to take care of patient's health, to provide high-quality medical care with the help of professional team. 


Elizabeth Blackwell Hospital received  the first patient on 16 April 2014. Since then we were able to help more than 10, 000 people. 

Today, the hospital offers  wide range of medical services. Clinic runs - Emergency, Intensive Cardiology Department, Critical Care Department,  Surgery Department, ICU. Departments and patients are provided by 24-hour laboratory and other diagnostic examinations - X-Ray CT, X-ray, Ultrasound.

For now, 235 people are employeed in our hospital. Medical and administrative staff are highly qualified professionals. 

რას წერენ ჩვენი პაციენტები ჩვენზე

Gratitude and respect for your professionalism and kindness of the medical staff and Levan Ratiani...
I want to thank you for medical care you provided yesterday all night long, especially to Levan Tsamalaidze and surgical staff...