EMERGENCY department is staffed with highly qualified and experienced doctors and medical proffesionals. 
The department provides:

  • Emergency medical care
  • Assessment of the patient's general condition, diagnosis
  • If necessary, hospitalization in the department

The department provides a complete diagnostic service to the patient - computer tomography, laboratory, ultrasound, x-ray. Consultation with therapist, cardiologist, surgeon, neurologist, resuscologist, allergologist, toxicologist, urologist, gynecologist. 


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engHello! I would like to thank the traumatologist Mr. Zurab Berianidze, Mr Levan Gochiashvili and Anesthesiologist Mamuka Khachiashvili for the succe ...
Gratitude and respect for your professionalism and kindness of the medical staff and Levan Ratiani...
I want to thank you for medical care you provided yesterday all night long, especially to Levan Tsamalaidze and surgical staff...